Unskooled is a 5-piece band of middle-years students who attended The Lakes South Morang P-9 School & Mill Park Secondary College. The band was operating from 2008 till 2010 until it was cancelled. In July 2011, the band reunited. They have released 2 albums called Anymore and My Heart Is Breaking.
Cherie Hallett (Vocals)
Demi Hallett (Vocals)
Eden Sotogi (Bass/Guitar)
Zachary Bowen (Piano)
James Stisnojovski (Drums)
Paige Rowe  (Percussion)
Jade Arceri (Vocals)
Derian Ismailoska (Vocals)
Kelly Hemsley (Vocals)
Torek Mounajed  (Guitar)
Deena Mostafa (Vocals)
Matthew Barnes (Guitar)
Kesiah Amoah (Saxophone)
Jake Di Palma  (Vocals)
Nicholas Darling-Filby (Percussion)
 Adrian Condidorio  (Guitar)
Cory Tillier (Sound Engineer)
Anymore  -  Anymore was written in March of 2008 by Jade & Jessie Douglas. The song was our first composition. This song has been performed at so many gigs such as the NMR School of Rock, The Lakes P-9 School Opening & at the So You Think You've Got Talent show at The Lakes.

Come On - Come On was written in July of 2008 by Demi. Everyone in the band loved the song and decided to include it in our debut album. We have made some changes to the song, but we think the song sounds alot better!
Free Woman - This song was written by Kiesha & Derian about a couple of months ago. This song is the last and song that is included on our first album.
It's All For You - This song was written about in August 08. This song was also written by Luke Calamia. Unfortunately this song was not included on ANYMORE but is included on MY HEART IS BREAKING.
Hard To Find  -  This is our brand new song that was written by Demi and Eden and is the first song to be partially sung by a male! This song is the last song to be featured on MY HEART IS BREAKING
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My Heart Is Breaking -  This is our latest song that we have created. The song was written by Deena, one of our former vocalists.
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