(Verse One)
I Wonder
day after day
if were still true
I feel like you’re a stranger
from my point of view
one day were close, than the next where falling apart.
(Pre Chorus)
You can’t shape me
you can’t break me x2
I don’t want to let you go but I have to
I’m gonna be a free woman coz I need to, baby that’s all I gotta say to you,
never coming back,
never coming back to you.
(Verse Two)
All alone in the darkness,
thinking about you
not knowing,
not knowing where you are.
(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus x2)
Stupid boy can’t you see what you do to me
Break My Heart, tear it out and give it back to me.
Turn my world upside down
Use me and confuse me.
Scream it Out
Shout it Out
Scream it Out
Shout it Out
(Repeat Chorus x2)

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