(Verse 1)

Sometimes I try to find

In my heart and in my mind

Somewhere to

Somewhere to

Hide away from all my fears

Get away from all my tears

Hide away

for all the day


(Verse 2)

When I need you there the most

you don’t wanna know

But I see through your eyes

There ain’t no disguise

All alone and in the dark

Waiting for your call

In despair

Without no air.


When I’m lonely and alone

And I got no one to hold

That’s when I’m there in your arms

I wanna tell you something true

That I love you

Yes I do

(Riff/Piano Solo)

(Verse 3)

When I hear the words you say

It’s all I want to hear

Can’t you see

through mystery


But then I guess you change your mind

Not knowing when you’re going to make some time

So I can see

Through you and me

(Repeat Chorus x2)


(Repeat Chorus x2)


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